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How To Reset Your Tastebuds

Updated: May 16, 2019

How do you reset your tastebuds?

How do you reset palette?

Why does every ejuice taste the same?

Why does every ejuice taste muted, dull, muddy?

Take it from us, your tastebuds are not to be trusted. Over the course of a Aeris e-liquid development period, we'll make hundreds of tiny little tweaks/variations on a single ejuice flavor. Our tastebuds telling us the truth is a recipe's make-or-break, so here are some simple, household item methods we've learned. Go forth, and reset your tastebuds!

But first...

Are your tastebuds really the problem––what's happening here?

Are you not tasting the o' so sweet strawberry note of Magna? Does every ejuice flavor you try seem... Muted? Your tongue is like a sponge, collecting hundreds of different flavors throughout the day. Vaping, specifically, will leave a film of glycerin on your tongue. That film acts as a barrier, inhibiting your buds from tasting the full flavor. But don't worry, it happens to everyone. Here's how to fix it:


1) Eat A Hot Meal, Drink Some Cold Water

Take your mind off your tastebuds. Sometimes we get so obsessed with trying to smell something, we get used to it (more on this later). Give you and your senses a well deserved break with a hot meal with new smells, and then wash it down with chilled water. After hydrating, swish the water, and spit out. Soaking your tongue with water helps loosen up its bacterial film--prepping your tongue for step two.

Vaper Tongue Scraper
How to cure vaper's tongue

2) Clean Your Tongue

Here in the Aeris lab, we use tongue scrapers a few times a day. Serious business. But you can use a household items like a spoon, damp towel, or a piece of floss. Think of anything that will clear up that film on your tongue. But––and this is important––make sure you're using something flavorless; a used toothbrush will leave a minty film/taste and throw everything off. Tabula rasa.

Coffee can help reseting your olfactory palate
Coffee can help reseting your olfactory palate

3) Smell Ground Coffee

Have you ever walked into an odd smelling room, and then suddenly gotten used to it? We'll leave the science talk out of this one, but essentially, your senses begin to adapt and become desensitized to familiar smells. There's a reason why you might see small ground coffee bowls in perfume shops––it works. Coffee has such a rich, distracting smell that it grips your sense of smell by the nostrils and resets your olfactory palate.

This process has served us well the past few years, and we hope it works for you too.

Let us know in the comments if your tastebuds are back to being trustworthy!


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