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Lush | Wait, What's a Sweet Arguta Kiwi?

Ahh, Lush... The perfectly balanced, refreshing blend of Vanilla Honeydew, Sweet Arguta Kiwi, and Cucumber. Wait, hold on--what's a Sweet Arguta Kiwi?

Lush ejuice Sweet Arguta Kiwi Actinidia Arguta Aeris
Sweet Arguta Kiwi vs. Regular Supermarket Kiwi

Like us, you're probably more familiar with the kiwi on the right than the left. It's the kiwi in our supermarkets, the kiwi that appears when you Google "kiwi," but taste-wise... It's not the superior kiwi. Our supermarket kiwis are watery, a little sweet, a little sour, and honestly a little awkward to eat... Do you use a spoon? Your hands and mouth...? What are we doing here? Forget about it.

Some Delicious Argutas

Enter The Sweet Actinidia Arguta Kiwi Berry

Native to Northern Asia, the Actinidia Arguta Kiwi is the rare grape-sized, sweeter variation of the kiwi we're all familiar with. With these kiwis, you literally pop them into your mouth and eat them whole––skin and all. Unfortunately, these kiwis are extremely difficult to find in the US, even in specialized Asian markets.

While researching different fruit "green colored notes" for Lush, we came across these curious little kiwis, and managed to import some for tasting. Overpriced for sure, but we instantly fell in love.

These delightful Arguta Kiwis are all sweetness with none of the sour notes you'd find in a regular kiwi.

With the absence of a traditional kiwi's sour note, the Sweet Arguta Kiwi became the perfect component for complimenting the Honeydew in Lush's recipe.

Normally, kiwi and honeydew aren't complimentary. Imagine vaping, or eating, a sour honeydew. It'd taste off, the sweet and sour would clash.  But, thanks to the Sweet Arguta Kiwi, we were able to get creative with Lush, and create the unique, award-winning e-liquid sold today!

How To Get Your Own Actinidia Arguta Kiwi Berries

To our knowledge the only place you can import these special berries is here. That's where we get them for our photoshoots. They sell fast, and are only in season February through March + September through November. If you get the chance, try a handful, let us know what you think!

Feel free to send us an email at!


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