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Magna | Wait, What's a White Mangosteen?

Aeris Magna Mangosteen
Magna Flavor Profile: Suncrest Peach, White Mangosteen, Sweet Strawberry

No other fruit has captivated us quite like the illustrious White Mangosteen used in our award-winning e-liquid flavor Magna.

Chances are if you're American you've probably never heard of Mangosteen before–and we don't blame you. Importing Mangosteens only became legal in 2007 and, at the time, they sold for $60 a pound. Even today, you'll need to head to a urban-coastal Asian specialized produce market, and be prepared to spend +$5 on a single Mangosteen fruit.

It's expensive and nearly impossible to find, but trust us–the 'steens goodness is worth the effort. Rightfully dubbed "The Queen of Fruits" by Queen Victoria of Britain, Mangosteen is the magical fruit that made Magna what it is today.

Magna Mangosteen
Delicious Mangosteens

The Basics

Native to Southeast Asia, the Mangosteen grows in lush green tropical rain forests during the summer months. About the size of a tangerine, the exterior of a Mangosteen is dark purple, thick, and difficult to open by hand. Inside is a collection of soft white fruit fleshes that literally melts in your mouth.

The Complex, Incredible Taste of Mangosteen

Usually fruits taste singular, as in, you eat an orange, it tastes like orange––not an citrusy apple. Mangosteen is complex in that it hits different flavors on the palette. When we eat the one, we pick up bright peach, mellow strawberry, sharp pear, and a lingering aftertaste of lychee with vanilla ice cream.

Thanks Snapple!

How The Mangosteen

Found Its Way Into Magna

We've always had a deep affinity for Mangosteen, but didn't really consider it until we did some complimentary flavor research. At its core, Magna is a peach-focused flavor, using our acclaimed Suncrest Peach note. We had developed this beautiful peach note, but no idea where to take it.

For months we researched how Peach was being used in the beverage and flavor industry. Eventually, we came across an under-circulated Snapple flavor, "Peach Mangosteen." Analyzing the two fruits chemically, we noticed some similarities, and headed out to Flushing, Queens to taste the real thing... Mangosteens that is, not the Snapple. After some time with a few peaches, mangosteens, and a blender, we knew we had found our perfect complimentary flavor. Here's why––mangosteen has notes of:

  • Peach

  • Strawberry

  • Pear

  • Lychee

  • Vanilla ice cream

Mixing it with Peach not only reinforced the bright peach notes, but also added layered complexity from mangosteen's other fruit notes.

It's these additional notes that makes Magna an incredibly unique, refreshing flavor, and why we consider Mangosteen to be peach's complete and utter soulmate.

Get lost in the Mangosteen. #Magna


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