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Sky | Best Menthol Ejuice Award 2019 Zamplebox

+1,750 perfect “★★★★★” reviews. Holy––wow! Thank you Zampleboxers.

Best menthol vape ejuice Sky Award Zamplebox
Sky just won Zamplebox's 2019 Best Menthol Vape Award

We're thrilled to announce that Zamplebox has just awarded Sky their coveted Best Menthol Vape of the year for 2019! We're particularly excited about this award because it's based off thousands of real vaper's opinions. Of course every award we get is such an incredible honor, but this one really hits us in the heart strings. Out of nearly 500 amazing menthol ejuices, thousands of vapers chose Sky as Zamplebox's best menthol ejuice. An accolade like that is truly humbling, and makes all the long months we spent developing Sky worth it.

So, why is Sky Zamplebox's Best Menthol Vape of 2019?

An Inside Look Into Sky's Development

Sky is not your typical menthol ejuice.

We see lot of vape companies creating amazing fruit flavors and simply top it off with pure menthol for a cool minty kick. Menthol is a sharp, stringy flavor note... It doesn't always play nice with others.

Our philosophy is that each flavor note needs to enhance another. We start with a simple base, and start improving from there. Every note is instilled with a beneficial purpose. Rather take a developed ejuice recipe and add some menthol, we asked ourselves "how can we make menthol better?"

Sky menthol ejuice  flavor profile

Sky's Unique Menthol Flavor Profile

Mountain Mint with a Fresh Berry Exhale

Sky's inhale is chilled, but not icy—sweet, but not peppermint; Mountain Mint is the cooling foundation of Sky’s profile. We started development with a touch of pure menthol and used various mint notes as enhancers. The outcome was a softer menthol-like note we like to call, Mountain Mint.

On the exhale, a light breezy accent of fresh Berries (notes of tart Raspberry, sweet Blueberry) adds a touch of sweetness to Sky’s minty body. The berry mix comes off flavorful, but purposely thin so the Mountain Mint foundation would remain cool and smooth.

Sky's notes are purposefully balanced, clean throughout, for a intensely refreshing vape.

Thank you vapers for naming Sky Zamplebox's 2019 Best Menthol Vape of the year!

Some member reviews from we absolutely loved –

Corey - “★★★★★”

"Really like this juice, great flavor, great clouds, lasts a long time and the biggest thing for me is the mint was not overwhelming! Really great juice."

Faerie - “★★★★”

"The mint in Sky is smooth and satisfying. It was cooling on the inhale and exhale. The berry was a very light flavor, it was basically an amplifier for the mint which was quite enjoyable for me. This is a mint ejuice I would recommend to anyone, the mint was not very menthol-esque like cigarettes, and more true mint which I liked. Vapor production with this ejuice is fantastic, very big, thick clouds. Overall I enjoyed Sky and would purchase it again and recommend to someone looking for a light and smooth cooling flavor."

Robert - “★★★★★”

"After getting this in my first box I was definitely a little skeptical just based off the bottle design and the color. Boy was I wrong. I got my box on Wednesday and now on Friday, the bottle is empty. I don’t think I’ve ever used a juice as much as I’ve been using this one. Especially since I’m not a menthol fan I figured it might last me a little longer than usual but instead here I sit waiting for a restock so I can order as much as Zample Box lets me. 10/10 will definitely vape again."

Yannis - “★★★★★”

"Great flavor with a balance between the blueberry and menthol. It is a very clean vape and you get a nice soothing feeling in your mouth and throat. This is a great vape if you like fruity menthols, and great for summer."

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